The social media policy is for Facebook and Instagram! I do not watermark my photos because I don't want to have my name stamped onto your images (how tacky).. so it would mean a lot to me if you could do me a favor and just add my name in the description when you post your images! Its a small favor that means the world to me!!:)

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And for the print release, you shouldn't have any problems printing with (the online printing company I highly recommend), but if you are in a jam, and have to print at Walmart or Walgreens(yikes) and they need a print release, you can show them this email with my information below!:)

Thanks so much for being amazing!

Proper recognition of Jessie Trotter Photography is appreciated and requested when publishing photos and using them on Facebook and Instagram. (Example: @hippiebus_chick #hippiebuschick, Photo Credit: Jessie Trotter Photography, or tag Jessie Trotter Photography)

I, Jessie Trotter, of Hippie Bus Chick LLC am the rightful copyright owner of these digital images. I authorize the owner of this disk the right to print these files.
Original copyright remains with the photographer. The photos may be printed, but not altered or edited in any way other than by the photographer and alterations is a violation of the copyright.
Jessie Trotter is not liable for the print quality, cropping, or coloring of any photos not printed directly through a professional lab. Photo quality is only guaranteed through photos purchased directly through a professional lab.
Photos may not be entered into any contest without my prior consent and without proper credit to Jessie Trotter 
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