your images are delivered. BAM! I def, would not wish to go about you? I love digital!
Now back to whatever, see..I am a rambler. I joke a-lot and i am kinda your bff from your childhood days. Life is to short to be all stiff all of the time. Maybe thats why i love my bus so much. If you didn't notice...Sarah my 1972 VW Bus is my reason for hippie chick. When we are out and about in her, we get a-lot of peace signs, hang loose and smiles. She is kinda bigger than me. My kids ...the girls, joke about who is gonna get her when they come of age. They both want to live in her. Makes me chuckle. I wonder how long that would last.

My name is Jessie also known as the hippie bus chick. I am a mom, photographer, wife, makeup lover and beach junkie. I first picked up a camera when i was 8 years old and to this day i can still picture the hot pink kodiak 35mm camera i received for my birthday. I had no idea that my passion would be bolted into high gear as an adult. My love for photos started way young, taking my family pictures, animals, trees, heck anything that would stand still and some that well, didn't.  Our way of receiving images is a different than when i was kid. After a roll was used up, you would run to the nearest delveloper, drop in a envelope and wait a week.'s all digital. With a hit of a button

My Story

meet Jessie

meet Jessie

 I am married to my bestie. He truly is amazing. Can fix anything. His mom calls him Car-Michael. Some of my sessions he will be there and the guys usually enjoy having another guy in the area to chat with. My children are my reason. Lane is my oldest, Laken and then Chandler Maeve. They all have been models some point in their lives. Wink, Wink!
 When you ask them what I do, they will say..Mom you do pictures. I love that i have passed my passion down to each of them. They all have a respect for the art and that makes this momma proud.
I am a woman of faith. Always God first. I believe everything is for a reason.
I recently started homeschooling my girls and so you can add that to my many hats. I am a busy gal and wouldn't have it any other way! 

The Longer Version

3 cups of coffee per day

I really love...

the beach

drink of choice

Pina Coalda

my fav hobby

riding in the bus

spend a month traveling in Hawaii 

On My Bucket List...

meet Reese W. (and hug her for like 10 minutes!)

On My Bucket List...

hang out with Sarah Nicole aka the Birds Papaya. She looks so fun.

On My Bucket List...

Fly on a plane! Yea,I have never done that before. 

On My Bucket List...

My mission is to be honest, welcoming and always consistent with everything I do. Treating my clients as I want to be treated is so very important. You trust me to capture your precious moments and I am truly honored. Not every session is the same and no one is alike. I bring my a-game from start to finish. From the start when you are inquiring to the very last email I send you ..thanking you for your time. You are my people and I owe you my smile and warm heart. 


my mission


Pina Coalda




Kind people  

vacation spot

any Beach



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All Time Favorites

The best Netflix show is definitely...

Man with a Plan

The Crown

Sugar Rush 

Let's have some fun!

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