Hey, my name is Jessie & I am so excited you stopped by. Whether you are looking to book a photo session with me, or inquire about my VW bus photo booth, I am here for it. I love this amazing job and I will be fully invested from start to even after our time together. I hope to get you meet you soon. Have a peek around and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 
Based out of Memphis, TN 

My mission is to provide you with timeless imagery of your loved ones, without feeling the need to be the perfect instagram family. You are beautiful and exactly who you should be.

Choose to live in the moment with the people that you love most

my motto around here...
Soak up the present

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some fun facts

Born and raised in Memphis in 1984. I Love our city and all the great places to have sessions. I grew up in the heart of memphis for many years before moving to the country.

I have 3 kiddos. Lane, Laken, & Chandler Maeve. Sometimes you may see them at your session helping me with props or lighting. 

I love to travel. I could love out of a suite case for sure. My travels make me a better rounded person and allows me to photography all over the US.

Kind Words from Sweet Clients

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tiffany wells

"Jessie was so amazing with our children! She knew all the tricks to getting them to pay attention, smile when needed and all in all it was an amazing experience!" 

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angela & tom

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mia baswick

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My life is equal parts calm and chaos. I tend to be highly organized with a side of OH MY - what the heck happened? I owe all the to my family. They drive me nuts!! A good nuts.
My kids keep me going between school activities, volleyball, and cheer..my jeep never stops. And, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to go. I love to role my windows down, take the top and cruise with the radio up. That's my kinda day.  
My better half ;)..I will let him slide with that comment.. is my bestie. Michael is my saving grace.. He knows when I am at my point and he keeps on testing me. JK..he calms me. Our life together is far from ideal. We have a blended fam, and kids are growing fast. WE spend tons of time looking over old photos..I have 37k on my phone alone. I truly love photos. 
In a-lot of ways-I am just like you. This is why my patience and huge heart plays a vital role in your session. I am a believer that a photo is the window into your soul, even if the photo is you holding you sweet little one while he or she cries over their favorite halloween book when we are having a Christmas session. I had that happen once..

Just like you, family is my number on priority. My husband, Mike, and kids, are my world.

This is why I'm here...

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